Friday, June 10, 2016


Well this time last week we were all in the middle of high school graduation for my sister. I cannot believe she has graduated high school and is off to UNC next year! Hope you are ready for a photo dump because this post is all about recapping Graduation in photos!

Last Thursday morning we started with her Honors Day Assembly. Each year St. David's does a end of year assembly with the entire high school and acknowledges students who excelled in academics and athletics. Caroline received an award from her AP Composition writing class!

My grandparents and I with Caroline after the assembly.

Friday night was Baccalaureate. There was an amazing speaker and a Bob Dylan performance by one of the band teachers. 

My grandmother, Melissa, Audrey and myself before the start of Baccalaureate. Melissa and Audrey flew from Florida to come to all of Caroline's graduation festivities. Audrey has been Caroline's best friend since they were little and Melissa was one of my moms best friends, they have been a blessing to our family. 

Saturday was the big Graduation day!!

After Graduation there was a little reception at the school and then we went to her dad's house and had lunch with all of our families.

Wednesday my grandmother hosted a Graduation party at her house! 

Now she is officially an alumni from St. David's and if off to enjoy her weekend in the Bahamas!! 

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Chesson | Magnolia+Main said...

Congratulations to your sister! Graduation is always so exciting :) Hope you have a great weekend!