Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Last Time I Was in Florida with the Girls

Well I am off to a short little vacay with the girls this weekend! I headed to Florida to meet up with my favorite girls yesterday! I have been to Florida a few times- the time we got  engaged and for a vacation for Chelsea's 21st birthday! Well I am meeting back up with my girls for another girls weekend and I am so excited!

The last time the four of us were in Florida was for Chelsea's 21st birthday and let me tell you that was a trip! 5 years ago and we are back(well 3 of us)! 5 years ago we took the dreaded drive...4 girls, 2 dogs and 1 boyfriend in a little Mazda car all the way from NC. It was horrible. But I love my best friends so I would do it again, minus the dogs.

We lived up our time in Florida. Chelsea and Paige's parents have a house there and they were so kind to let us come live with them for a week. But they are used to it because in high school we were always at their house! 

We made birthday hats and cups.

We went to the beach.

Took boat rides.

Then drove another few hours and crushed Miami. 

We made sure Chels was all set for her 21st birthday.

And then we got dressed up, went to dinner somewhere came back to the hotel and let the night begin.

Let's just say the next morning we had to go back to the beach house and it was a rough car ride. But we did stop by where the cast of Jersey Shore worked! So that was really cool! And got to see the Miami beach. After that we headed back to the beach house, went out to dinner and went home the next day! 

So that Florida trip was epic. Hopefully this one tops it! Cheers to a vacation!

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