Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Customized by Ashley {Etsy Shop}


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a product in exchange for this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

When it comes to home decor I am all about the unique styles. I don't have many unique items in my house but I am working on that. I recently came across an etsy shop that had some of the unique type of items I was looking for,  Customized by Ashley. Don't get the owner of Customized by Ashley confused with this Ashley, creator of Girl Talk Blog. I am in no way as talented as she is.

As I was looking on Etsy for some unique home decor items I stumbled across Ashley's Etsy Shop and fell in love with her  String Art designs. They are great for a  nursery, family gallery wall or just a reminder of an  inspirational quote.

As I am in the process of revamping our home and changing some of our decor, I am absolutely LOVING the farmhouse theme. I am trying to incorporate it as much as possible into our home. 

I just think these  farmhouse signs would be the cutest decor in a kitchen or in a dining room!

If you have been around Girl Talk for awhile you know I love a good glass of wine. And with me loving wine, I love to keep my corks on special occasions, but I am quickly filling up the current wine cork holder I have now, so I need to look into getting another one! This one has definitely made the list of possible  wine cork holders!

Now onto one item I think will definitely be very popular! How many of my readers are LulaRoe reps?? I thought about becoming one back in the summer but I just couldn't with the cost of the start up, but I know I have some reps out there that are looking for some LulaRoe decor! And Ashley has you covered!!

Girl Talk: Tell us a little about the creator behind Customized by Ashley.
Customized by Ashley: I have always had an interest in art. At a young age I would draw all kinds of things; dogs, cats, plants, landscapes, etc. Throughout my middle and high school years I took as many art classes I could which allowed me to apply to the art department in college. I started out studying graphic design in college but after a year switch to just art. In May of 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor in Art. 

Girl Talk: How long have you had your Etsy Shop?
Customized by Ashley: I started my Etsy shop during Christmas of 2015. I originally started making home decor items as gifts until I finally decided to list a few on Etsy and thats when Customized By Ashley was born!

Girl Talk: Do you sell your items anywhere else? If so, where?
Customized by Ashley: Most of my sales come from Etsy, however I do a lot of local craft fairs in NC.

Girl Talk: What inspires you for your designs?
Customized by Ashley: My inspiration comes from my customer. They give me an idea and I run with it! I also am inspired by the trends within the home decor business such as farmhouse, country, modern, etc. 

Girl Talk: How long does a typical string art take you?
Customized by Ashley: From start to finish a typical name string art takes about 5 hours. I cut, sand and stain all the wood myself as well as brace the planks together. Then I nail the design or name and then string! The large the piece the longer it takes. One of my largest pieces is 2ftx4ft and it takes about 9 hours to complete! 

Girl Talk: What would you say is your favorite item to create in your shop?
Customized by Ashley: My favorite item is anything involving a name or last name. It so awesome to be able to create something so personal to the customer. Especially the last name ones that also say the date of their wedding. Its so touching to be able to create a piece that represents a very special moment in time. 

Girl Talk: Do you have any new items in your shop or that you plan on putting in your shop?
Customized by Ashley: I have a few new valentines day items that will be releasing a the end of January and then I will have some more new design coming out all throughout February!

I am so excited to add our string art to our gallery wall on the porch! I think it will be the perfect addition! 

Be sure to check out her  Etsy shop and let me know what your favorite item is!

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candy said...

Love the farmer stuff with cow, pig plus I really liked the family one with the colored birds. Very cute stuff and different.

Unknown said...

Love her art..such pretty and unique pieces! Also love Etsy! You can find the best stuff there!!

Marette F said...

Love her signs! They are so pretty and unique! For a second I thought you started an Etsy shop, haha!

Hope This Improves Your Day said...

Ohhh so adorable! I love the animal prints for the kitchen! Plus the family sign with the birds are perfect for our family! We have a Phoenix, Robin and two Jay's in our house!

Sarah Jean said...

Dying over that Farmer's Market sign. And I had to double check to make sure this wasn't your etsy shop too. love her stuff!

Acasha said...

So cute! I love these designs!!

Alexandra Yargeau said...

What gorgeous work! I Love the string art and the cork holder! Can't wait to see your sign in your home!

HungerThirstPlay said...

These are all so cute! I love the farmers market signs!

Unknown said...

Lots of adorable items to choose from!!! I honestly thought it was your shop at first before I started reading. I will have to check out some of her work!!

Erica Campbell said...

All of this stuff is so cute! Love it!

Unknown said...

Those are SO cute! I especially love the family one with the birds!

La Belle Sirene