Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

As a bride, it is pretty easy to shop for the girls in the wedding, but what about the guys? They are a little bit more difficult. It seems like they already have everything or you think they may never use it again. But I have found 4 gifts that any guys is going to want and use more than once!

When we got married I thought it would be pretty easy for us to pick out a gift that Timmy could give his best guy friends but as time went on in became a little more difficult, mainly because Timmy was pretty indecisive. Also we had to consider what gifts they had gotten in the past from being in previous weddings, we didn't want to give the same gift if we knew they already had one.

Engraged Multi-Tool - I think this is safe to say you really can't have too many of these laying around. At least if it is engraved it will be harder for people to pick it up and take it home to add to their collection. 

Engraved Beer Glass - Another thing guys can't have too many of. You know how guys love to pour their beer into a nice big tall glass! This would be the perfect glass for the guys to use while getting ready!

Personalized Leather Wallet - I love this idea, but I would also be a little nervous to buy guys a wallet they didn't pick out. But I think it would be such a thoughtful gift!

Personalized Flask - This is the route we went for our groomsmen. Every guy needs a flask he can easily put in his pocket!

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Unknown said...

Such great ideas, Ashley! Isn't it funny how guys in general are just so difficult to shop for? But you got it totally right with these groomsmen gifts! My particular favorites are the multi-tool and the flask - all personalized! They'll think of the two of you always!

Berniedette |

Amanda | Maple Alps said...

Great ideas for groomsmen gifts! I think the wallets are extra sharp ;)

Samantha said...

These are great ideas! I love personalized gifts-so fun!