Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wedding Wednesday {Honoring Loved Ones}

Some Most of you I hope this post doesn't pertain to you, but most likely we have all lost someone we care deeply for and you will want to honor them in someway at your wedding. 

Weddings are already so emotional, but when you are missing a loved one on your day it can be even more emotional. Today is actually the 3 year anniversary of my mom's passing. My mom passed away before I was  engaged to Timmy, so it was never a doubt it my mind that I wanted to honor her in someway at my  wedding. But there were so many different ideas of how I could honor her, but ultimately I decided to set up a little table when you walked into the reception with pictures and a sign to honor her.

I just took pictures from my house and I bought the sign from Etsy, but the store I bought it from is no longer on Etsy. But when I woke up the next morning there were so many sweet pictures of this table with sweet messages to my mom. 

There are also other ways to honor your loved ones if you want to do something a little different!

Burning a candle in their memory.

Reserving a chair in their memory.

On the brides bouquet.

Release a balloon or lantern in their memory.

Timmy and I also decided to have our  First Look at the Columbarium where her ashes are. This was a special moment for us and we wanted to start off our wedding day being surrounded by my mom. 

No matter how you honor a missing loved one at your wedding, it will be special. 

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