Tuesday, November 21, 2017

{ Married Life } Favorite 2nd Year Memories

Two years. That is 731 days I have had the privilege of calling Timmy my husband. I remember the days counting down to our wedding just like they were yesterday, and to think we have now been married for 2 wonderful years. 

Last year looking back on our first year of marriage, I will definitely say the first year is the hardest. Last year I said I didn't have anything to compare it to, but this year I do. As we settled into our lives more this past year and as other friends got married we were no longer newlyweds, the pressure was no longer there to always be this happy go lucky type of couple - it was OK to have our bickers and admit them to others without the judgement of others if we are going to last.

Every day with Timmy is an adventure, but here are some of my favorite memories from Year Two of The Stephensons.

My grandparents got married in 1956 on November 22, so they celebrate their anniversary a day after ours. When we were picking our date, we picked based on availability the venue had and it was just coincidence that it was the day before my grandparents. This past year, after celebrating our 1 year anniversary, we were able to celebrate their 60th anniversary with a big party with all their loved ones!

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On the same marriage topic, we also got to witness one of our best friends get married! Erin and Jay got married in March and it was such a fun time! Erin was the one who introduced Timmy and I so we were so happy to see her marry her best friend!

We traveled to Jamaica for an early anniversary trip!!

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We also got to travel to the Bahamas with a few of our best friends just after our 1st anniversary in 2016!

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As if our lives weren't hectic enough, we decided to grow our family by 4 paws! It is training us for when we grow our family by 2 feet!

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Everyday of this past summer was nothing short of amazing. My dad built a new pool in his backyard and we spent every single free summer day over at his pool!

And finally my last favorite memory from our 2nd year of marriage would be accomplishing hiking 24 miles in one day with my best friend!

Happy Anniversary, my love. Thank you for doing life with me and always making our lives fun and enjoyable!! Here's to many more years with you by my side!

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Marette F said...

Wow! Hiking 24 miles in one day! Congrats on 2 years and all your adventures.

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