Friday, November 7, 2014

Anthropologie Favorites

Happy Friday - it felt like forever for you to finally get here - today is going to be a good day! When I get off work I am hitting the Harris Teeter on my way home and getting myself a bottle of wine and taking on my disaster of a house. Saturday I get to visit with my friend Chelsea - she is flying here again for the weekend from California. I have been really spoiled these past few months and have gotten to see my friends from Cali about 5 times in the past few months - however not all of the circumstances were the best.

Here is what I hope to accomplish this weekend around the house (some of these you will recognize from my November Goals)

  • Hang photo ledge
  • Replace light bulb in upstairs hallway
  • Replace lights in closet (We have one of those big long ones so we have been putting off replacing it-mainly because I don't think Timothy knows what type of bulb to by- and have been rummaging through the closet in darkness)
  • Program new remote for TV in guest bedroom
  • Clean leather couch in man cave
  • Hang Curtains (Front bedroom, back bedroom, master bedroom)

A few weeks ago I entered the most amazing store for the first time...Anthropologie. I know a little late people have been obsessing over this store for quite sometime and I just went in for the first time a few weeks ago. Although I can't afford everything in the store and would obviously like to take it all home with me, here are my favorites for the house & home.



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Kristina @ Medicine and Manicures said...

So glad you got introduced to one of my favorite stores ever!! Doesn't it smell amazing in there too? Their party dresses, accessories, and home goods are my favorite. TGIF!


Lindsay said...

I love all their stuff but they are soo expensive! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Elizabeth McMullen said...

I have been trying to DIY things that look like anthro stuff. I love the store, I just cannot afford it! :(
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