Friday, December 19, 2014

Secret Santa Link-up AND Friday Favorites

Wow, I can't believe it but the next Friday post Christmas would have come and gone. I really don't want the Holidays to be over. Tonight is our annual Employee Christmas Party and let me tell you it will definitely be an interesting one, working in the roofing industry and working with a whole bunch of guys and only one other female always means an interesting Christmas party and it is at my house...luckily at The Gutter. And earlier this week I realized that my relaxing weekend I thought I was going to have is no more...I realized I have 3 Christmas parties to go to this weekend. At first I thought I just had my work Christmas party on Friday night but my friend just decided to have a little informal Christmas get together at her house on Saturday night and then I have my 5 year High School Reunion at Mia Francesca at North Hills. So talk about crazy and jam packed weekend!

Today I am  Linking up with my usual Friday gals and Mae for Endlessly Ever After for Secret Santa Link up!
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High Five for Friday - Lauren
Friday Favorites - Amanda
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Let's get to the Secret Santa Link up!

Who doesn't love to get gifts in the mail? I know it is one of my favorite things I even love getting mail as long as it isn't a bill, who is with me? Well this past Christmas season I participated in Mae's First Secret Santa Gets Social! We signed up on her blog back in November and gave her our social media handles and then a few days later we got our match up and the person we would be shopping for. We stalked them for a little to get to know them and then sent our gift on their merry way! 

I got mine in the mail last weekend and I was so excited when I saw the packaging! ! It was already so festive on the outside I couldn't wait to see what was inside! Thank you Mandi over at Land of Hope and Dreams!

And then when I opened it I loved it!

I absolutely love my coasters and they couldn't be more perfect! I don't have enough coasters and I am what you could call a coaster freak...especially when we are around some of Timmy's guy friends and they don't use a coaster. Thank you so much!

Now let's get to the usual program...Friday Favorites.

Favorite Pins

Favorite Quote

Favorite Meal

Last night I made a delicious Chicken Caesar Pasta (recipe to come later). My sister came over and helped me cook and we watched a Christmas movie and enjoyed a nice evening in together.

Favorite Recipe

One of my favorite things about the blogging world are all the delicious recipes I get to try that my fellow bloggers have posted. This week I am in full Christmas Spirit and loved Taylor's Hot Toddy Recipe. Taylor blogs over at Tattered to Taylored and sheshared with us a great recipe to beat the upcoming cold you might have!

Favorite Christmas Office Gift

With it being Christmas, so many people have been in and out of our office bringing us gifts. We have gotten a Santa sack full of popcorn, a gorgeous huge poinsettia, cookies, cheese, sausage and crackers and best of all earlier this week we were delivered beer. And a whole bunch of it. One of our reps from a supplier we use brought us 9 cases of beer and 5 18 packs and a big bottle of Jager.  So guys..just so you know that equals 306 cans of beer. That is a lot..but it is all for our company Christmas party. I can't wait because all the left over beer...gets left at my house. I love free beer! But him bringing 306 cans of beer isn't the best part...the best part is how he set it up.

Yep...he made it like a Christmas tree and even bought some cheap garland and a bow. Perfect. 

Favorite Read Post

My favorite post this week was written by Taylor over at The Daily Tay. Yesterday she wrote A Dog's Prayer and it really touched my heart. I have been following the story about Mikey and I think it is just amazing how we can all come together for a particular reason. I have my own little fur baby and I don't know what I would do if something happened to her. I love animals so much and wish I could help all of the ones that are suffering! Thank you Taylor for sharing that story with us!

Favorite Post (by me)

My favorite post that I posted this week has got to be my Weekend Recap - First of Many Parties. I shared with you all how I got one last gift from my mom as an engagement gift. You can skip my recap and scroll to the middle to read about. 

Favorite Funnies

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