Friday, September 23, 2016

Stay Hydrated During a workout

Last year I really started drinking a lot of water daily, I try to drink at least 64oz a day if not more. I have heard you are suppose to drink half your weight in water so that is my goal. Some days it is really tough because you know life is busy! But it is something I am working on! I have used some of these  tips on how to stay hydrated, but some people may wonder why it is important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.

Water is an essential part of our health; it keeps us alive. Pretty much if you don't drink water you will die. That sounds really blunt and morbid but it is true. We can live without food longer than we can live without water. I am not an expert or nutritionist in any way, these are just my opinions and things I have learned in my 26 years.

Water also can help lose weight. And aren't we all trying to lose those few extra pounds? I have gotten into a habit when I think I am hungry before I eat anything I drink an entire glass of water. Usually it is our body just telling us we are thirsty. Now, don't think I am saying that water helps burn fat because it doesn't I am just simply saying it can help suppress the hunger.  

For me personally one sign that I didn't drink enough water is when I get charlie horses in the middle of the night. You know those muscle cramps you get in your calf muscles that wake you up screaming? Yea those are awful! Before I started drinking a lot of water everyday I was getting them a lot, almost 2-3 a week. I didn't realize at first that by me drinking more water that it was causing them to happen less and less. Now I really only get them on days I didn't drink a lot of water. This may not be the case for everyone, but that has been one of the best benefits of drinking a lot of water for me.

Now, you may wonder how much water should I drink exactly? Well it will vary. But CamelBak has a hydration calculator that will help! It is based on your weight, activity level and a few other things. Basically for me I try to drink 64oz or more of water a day. It isn't as much as I probably should but it varies, but I am definitely meeting my water intake goal on days I workout. During my workout I always drink a lot of water to replace the sweat that is coming off my body. There are times during the workout I will be in the groove and realize it has been 20 or so minutes and I haven't had any water. So here are some tips on how to stay hydrated during a workout.

  • Use it as a break. HIIT workouts are all the rage now. So during these workouts on your rest period use that as a water break and refill your body.

  • If you are like me and you notice a little too late that you missed your time when you were suppose to drink up, set a reminder on your phone. The  suggested amount is to drink 4-8oz every 15 minutes. But that may be a lot for some people at one time. I know if I drink 8oz of water fast during a workout I will get a cramp. So I usually do it every 1/2 mile or so, drink a little here and there rather than all 8oz at once.

Here is a guide to how much water you should drink before, during and after your workout.

The water bottle (pictured above in post) came from  CampusConnection! During a workout my water needs to stay cold, if it gets hot it doesn't do what I need it to do to energize me.  CampusConnection has the cutest  monogrammed water bottles and are perfect way to stay hydrated during your workout.

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