Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Years before Mr. & Mrs. { The Introductions }

Timmy and I dated for 3 years before he  popped the question on our 3rd anniversary in Florida. When we got engaged, that is really when the blogging began...well consistently. So you all don't really know much about Timmy and I's relationship before I got the ring. Sure, I have shared some snippets like some of my favorite memories, or past  Valentine's Days but you don't know about the little things that made us, us. So with our 6 year dating anniversary coming up at the end of July, I thought I would share with you all a little of our relationship before the ring!

Let's start with the very beginning. It was summer 2011 and I was finally single. It was the first time I had truly been single since 8th grade and I was starting my Junior year at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. I had just started working at Kickback Jack's as a hostess a few months before and was enjoying all the new girlfriends I was meeting there.

So a few girls and I went to a Tim McGraw concert at the Creek. My best friend Erin, who I wasn't so close with at the time, took her then boyfriend and we migrated away from the rest of the girls and sat at a quieter, less crazy pole to watch the concert. 

While we were there, Jordan (Erin's boyfriend at the time) got a text from his friend, which happened to be Timmy, saying he was at the concert as well. Timmy ended up coming over and we were introduced to each other. We talked and flirted a little and then some random girl Timmy knew came up, while wearing a rain jacket (it wasn't even raining...) and it was like I never existed. She left and Timmys attention went back to me, then she would come back and it would go to her and this went on for a little. We took a picture that night, probably because Erin was like "awww they are so cute"

The concert was ending and Timmy was no where in sight so we left and I thought well he was cute but I will never see him again. But, as soon as we got back to Erin's apartment Jordan had a text from Timmy asking for my number. Jordan gave it to him and we texted until about 4am that night, which was fun but not when you have to get up at 9am to go work a double at work.

So we made plans for Timmy to come to KBJs on my lunch break and have lunch with me. Luckily Erin was working because I was so nervous. I never had dated anyone I hadn't already been friends with, I went to a small private school half of my class I had known since I was in elementary school. So I was trying to find the best possible table. Did I want to sit in the bar area at a booth? No. Did I want to sit at a normal table? Nope. So I picked a high top table with 6 seats...don't ask me why I needed such a big table but it felt the most comfortable. He came. I ate and he watched. Yes, you read that right. He watched me eat because he wasn't hungry. HOW AWKWARD! Then I went back to work and got lots of sweet messages.

By about 6pm I was ready to get off but I was still working. I was busy looking at the hostess stand and didn't see Timmy walk in with his step brother. So I was shocked when I saw him and I said, "You didn't tell me you were coming up here" and he jokingly said "I didn't know I had to tell you my every move" and after that I thought I was done for. I was so certain he would never speak to me again. So I didn't go up to his table at all. They ate dinner and left and I barely said a word to him. When I got off, he was waiting for me at my car. 

The next few days were a lot of him meeting me after I got off work at KBJs and just hanging out, grabbing late dinners and such. We did go bowling with Erin and her bf at the time, they were wearing sweat pants and tshits and Timmy and I dressed all up. He locked his keys in his truck multiple times the first week we hung out so that was a little joke we laughed a lot about. 

Oh and of course, we had our first kiss. It was definitely a memorable kiss. It was right before I was about to leave to drive to Wilmington to meet my best friends and drive to Florida and he was dropping me off back at my car in the KBJ parking lot...and he just went for it. Not very smooth I might add, but Timmy ALWAYS wears a visor or hat. And he kissed me but before he did his visor nailed me in the head. It is a kiss I will never forget!

Then I went to Florida for my best friends birthday and I missed him like crazy. All after about 1-2 weeks of knowing him, I didn't even want to go to Florida anymore because I didn't want to be away from him. 

The week I got back from Florida we hung out every day and then we made it official on July 25, 2011. 

Check back next week to see the next chapter of our story!

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