Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Five

Happy Friday y'all!!  Last Friday I was off to the  beach and this Friday I am off to the lake! Summer is really the best season lots of things planned in the water!!

A few Fridays ago  (here), I wrote about my sister announcing she will be attending UNC Chapel Hill in the Fall. Well this Tuesday I went to her Senior Soccer night at her high school and it brought back so many memories from my Senior Night.

The seniors are honored during half time and it was so weird seeing Caroline out there, I honestly can't believe she is graduating!

Midweek Mexican dates are really good for the soul. After my sisters soccer game we stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant and grabbed some drinks and some delicious food!

So after a week in Mexico for our honeymoon in December and then a week in  Mexico in January and a few months of being lazy I have gotten back into the swing of things and have started back on a diet. Before the  wedding I did the Military Diet quite a few times and lost a good bit of weight, so I started it again on Wednesday! I plan on doing it multiple weeks so I will check in with you all at the next  Sweat It Out link up!

You know what else is good for the soul. A day of pampering mixed in with the work day. Wednesday after work I went and got a much needed pedicure! And Thursday after work I went to see my good friend Caitlin to get my hair done. I went blonder for the summer and I love it!

Three years ago I graduated from Meredith College. I had an amazing experience and met a lot of wonderful ladies there. 3 years ago today I was headed down to the lake for a week long vacation to celebrate graduation. Well, I may not be going down there for an entire week but I will get a little mini vacation for the weekend! Throwback photo from our week long lake trip!

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