Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five {4.29.16}

I haven't done one of these posts in a long time, but I enjoyed them so much and I love reading others Friday Five posts so hopefully this will be something you see more of on Girl Talk. I feel like lately I haven't really been sharing my life with you all other than the  Wedding posts and our  date nights and that isn't what I want Girl Talk to be about. When I started the blog it was a place where I could write about anything and share my life and be able to look back on it years to come and remember these times. So I am going to work on posting more about what goes on in my life here!

My sister is a high school senior and she will be going off to college next year but up until Monday no one knew where she was going to go. Her dream has always been to go to New York and major in the fashion industry; she loves everything about New York. She applied to a few school in New York- FIT, NYU and another school that I am blanking on right now. She got into FIT & the other school and was waitlisted at NYU. Here in NC she applied to UNC & NC State and was accepted into both of those schools and also applied to SCAD, the campus in ATL and was accepted there. While NYU was her dream and #1 when she got waitlisted she knew she wasn't going to wait to find out if she got in later down the road, so then it was between UNC & FIT; two very different schools but she ended up choosing UNC. She had a choir concert on Monday night where her teacher would honor the seniors and announce where they were headed and she emailed her teacher Sunday night and told her that no one in her family (except me) knows she will be going to UNC so when she announces the school it will be a surprise. Everyone in our family was so overjoyed that she will be staying in NC and just a 30 minute drive from us!

Last Saturday we to Winston Salem for the Warriors for Wells walk for Cystic Fibrosis. You may remember the  22 mile hike T and I did the past 2 Octobers. It was a wonderful day full of family and friends!

I just started a new book  Sister Dear, I am only on chapter 3 so not much to report yet.

Tomorrow is one of my best friends Gender Reveal party! I can't wait to see what she is going to have. We are supposed to wear Pink or Blue to cast our vote on which we think it will be, they all seem to think it will be a girl but I am going with blue!

T and I are crossing off an item off our  Spring Bucketlist tonight! We are double dating with Nick & Molly for a Durham Bulls game! Hopefully I don't get hit with a baseball like  last years game!

If you missed any posts this week, be sure to check them out below!

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Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said...

Yay for your sister staying close! I know that made you all super happy. 22 mile hike?! Wow. That's awesome!!