Monday, November 14, 2016

{ Married Life } A New Monogram

A marriage means a new monogram, which makes me happy but makes my wallet very unhappy-but I can't help it! I love monograms! We have been married a year this coming Monday and I am still obsessing over my new monogram!

This entire year I have been going monogram crazy and I just love getting them in the mail and putting them to use! I was given a little leg up on my monogram game when my best friend and Maid of Honor gave me a  Monograms & Mimosas bridal shower. I received so many lovely gifts- monogrammed towels, water bottle, wine glasses, cheese trays, floppy hat and so much more! But since we got married I have been loving Etsy and getting lots of little gifts from me to me in my mailbox.

Pretty much every Southern lady is a little monogram obsessive and sometimes you just don't know what to get, so here are my favorite monogrammed items I have been gifted and bought myself since I became a Mrs.

We are slowly turning our house into a home and what better way than to personalize your living space with a  monogrammed pillow! I know, it doesn't have mine and Timmy's initials, but we still love it and half of our guests don't know the difference! This monogrammed pillow is a great addition to your house and can be purchased from  KYIStitches!

The first thing I ordered was a monogrammed car decal. It got here a few days before the wedding and it took everything I had to not just put it on my car just a few days early. I didn't so as soon as we got back to the house on Sunday that baby went on my car!

When we went to Mexico for our Honeymoon I took my floppy hat I got at my bridal shower, but I really wished I had brought a monogrammed baseball hat, of course I had one with my old initials but I couldn't take that on our Honeymoon. So before we left on our second Mexico trip in January I decided to buy 2 baseball hats with my new monogram. (PS you can see my new monogram necklace Timmy gave me as our wedding gift in the photo below)

Can coolers are the best!  The White Pineapple Co has some adorable ones!

Monogrammed water bottles are a necessity. Ok, well maybe not really but I sure do love my monogrammed one!

During the summer my monogrammed tumbler was the perfect way to keep my drink cold while I enjoyed my days by the lake!

I have lots of items in my Etsy cart ready for purchase that are all monogrammed! What are some of your favorite monogrammed items?

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Unknown said...

I love all the monogrammed things. My mama got a Cricut recently so i've been going crazy. I want to make so much but my Etsy cart keeps filling up, too! Monograms are southern ladys rights of passage.

Mistle said...

A little monogram never hurt nobody! I love love love that pillow!!! I have several things that are monogrammed as well. It's hard not to go crazy!

Jessica said...

So cute! I love my monogrammed things right now!

Helen said...

Ah! I just got married and have so many monogrammed things that I realize will have to change now. I am obsessed with that pillow!