Friday, December 30, 2016

GOODBYE { 2016 } HELLO { 2017 }

Each year I look back at my previous year at all my high and low moments. These posts are my favorite to write and to read. See  2014 and  2015.

We went out of town for NYE and rung in 2016 in a barn in a field with my best friend.

We went to a  house party and lived like we were in college again.

We got to go back to  Mexico with 2 of our friends!

One of my best friends got engaged!!

We went to a  Garth Brooks concert and it was the best EVER!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at a street party!

We celebrated my best friends  birthday!

We went to a BBQ Festival in downtown Raleigh

We made a trip to the LKN for the first time of the summer!

We walked for Warriors for Wells!

We ran in our first and only 5K of 2016

We found out our best friends are having a  baby girl!

We celebrated  Mothers Day at Atlantic Beach with my family.

Two of our best friends got married!

My little sister  graduated High School!

We took a trip to the beach for Father's Day.

We had a  4th of July pool party at our house!

Showered Whitney with lots of baby items for Sadie!

Celebrated my  26th birthday!

Went floating for my best friends 26th birthday!

Moved my little sister into  UNC!

Went to the first  NC State football game of the season!

Celebrated Erin & Jay's Engagement at the lake!

Had one last pool party at the house for Labor Day!

Went to Florida to surprise my second mom for her  60th birthday!

Hosted our first  Halloween Party!

We took our anniversary photos and celebrated our  first anniversary!

Got to enjoy a night out with my best friends for the first time since their sweet little girl arrived!

We showered the Bride to be with a Margaritas and Monograms Shower!

I went out for the first time the night before Thanksgiving!

Celebrated my grandparents  60th Wedding Anniversary!

Celebrated Charles' first birthday!

Cruised to the Bahamas with good friends!

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